The 6th Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit takes place in Boston, US on October 10-12. The meeting focuses on the advancement in drug discovery for neuropsychiatric disorders, covering both new development in non-psychedelic and psychedelic R&D – from discovery to clinical advancements.

As a leading provider of neurobiology in vitro research services, Cellectricon is proud to be a partner of the summit. We are very much looking forward to joining other industry experts in the discussion on approaches for developing and advancing transformative candidates through the clinic.

At the meeting, Paul Karila, Head of Drug Discovery at Cellectricon, will give a presentation on October 11:

In Vitro Drug Discovery Strategies for Neuropsychiatric Disorders

  • From neurite to network level – applying neuroplasticity in vitro models for Drug Discovery
  • Combining high content imaging and functional methods
  • Addressing challenges of low throughput and high variability

If you are interested in learning more about the Neuroplasticity Service Module or Cellectricon’s drug discovery services, please reach out to us.

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paul karila
head of drug discovery

Meet us at the Neuropsychiatric drug development summit!

We are looking forward to taking part in this year’s meeting and for the opportunity to introduce our new service module for neuroplasticity research to clients and new contacts. Get in touch if you are interested in setting up a meeting!

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