We are seasoned drug discovery professionals

We learned pharmaceutical industry standards from the ground up and have a robust set of best practices in place. Our team has a strong expertise in functional screening and high content biology. In addition, we have extensive experience in supporting our Clients in various research and drug discovery projects, ranging from basic research to target discovery and lead discovery.

We are leaders in creating complex in vitro models

We have extensive experience in generating standardized, high quality primary and human neuronal cell cultures for high capacity applications. All our work is conducted at the highest quality with a 100% focus on customer success.
  • Exclusive focus on neurobiology
  • Excellence in dissection and generation of native neuronal cell cultures for high-capacity applications
  • Long-standing expertise in creating human iPSC-derived neuronal models
  • Experience in establishing neuroinflammatory models based on neuron, astrocyte and microglia tri-cultures

We develop cutting-edge technologies

We are innovators at heart and always search for the best solutions for our Clients. With a profound expertise in science and engineering, we have developed several highly innovative technologies which we use in combination with state-of-the-art imaging systems to answer complex biological questions.

Optical electrophysiology

Proprietary high-capacity platform for assessing neuronal excitability and synaptic function.

High content imaging

Confocal and super-resolution microscopy platforms for assessing cellular morphology.


Patent pending microfluidics platform for creation of compartmentalized cell cultures.

Functional genomics

RNAi-mediated gene knockdowns and advanced gene expression analysis tools.

Cytokine and protein profiling

Large-scale profiling of cytokines and proteins relevant for neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration.

Multiparametric data analysis

Proprietary software and scripts for combining functional and morphological data.
Lotta Agholme
Laboratory Operations Manager

β€œIn collaboration with leading academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies, we have over the last 15 years continuously refined and validated our proprietary core technologies in order to create unique assays not achievable with other platforms.”