Cellectricon today announced that the company will withdraw from all direct product sales activities from September 1st 2014 to focus entirely on its CNS and Peripheral Pain Discovery Services business. Cellectricon’s CEO, David Burns, further explains the rationale behind the change in strategy:

I am very glad to say it; Simply Stimulating times here at Cellectricon as our business transformation from a Product Sales model to a CNS and Peripheral Pain discovery services provider is ahead of schedule!

There is now so much interest in the value of our scientific expertise and proprietary Cellaxess® technology that our discovery services business has really taken off. It is now the ideal time to refocus the business entirely to that of provider of high-end services enabling accelerated drug discovery and rapid, more clinically relevant disease making decisions in the CNS and peripheral pain areas. With our new business model, we are completely focused on meeting the demands from the industry as the drug discovery and disease research paradigm has been changing increasingly to one of outsourcing of specialized services.

With a dedicated team of expert neurobiologists, we have signed several large Pharma partners and worked in a collaborative approach to rapidly develop and validate exciting CNS and Peripheral pain assays using native primary cells and is moving from validation to compound screening. Our product history with both Dynaflow® and Cellaxess® was important for us to establish market credibility and we will continue to use these products internally for our rapidly expanding discovery services business.

Most importantly, our customers with both Dynaflow and Cellaxess products can rest assured that they will continue to be supported but we will withdraw from all direct product sales efforts from September 1st 2014 to fully focus on the discovery services value we are delivering to our customers, our stakeholders and investors.


David Burns, CEO

As CEO of Cellectricon AB, David has more than twenty years of International and North American experience as a senior manager, business development, marketing and sales professional with companies in the life sciences field. Prior to joining Cellectricon, David was CEO of Renishaw Diagnostics, Glasgow, Scotland. David held previous senior leadership positions in the US and Canada with Cyntellect Inc. as VP Sales and Marketing and Chief Operating Officer, GE Healthcare Life Sciences (formerly Amersham Biosciences) where he filled the roles of Head of Strategic Growth and VP Commercial Alliances. Prior to that, he was CEO of Imaging Research Inc. in Ontario, Canada which was acquired by Amersham in 2003. David joined Imaging Research and the Amersham group from a role as Vice-President Business Development and Marketing at Packard-BioSignal Inc. in Montreal, Quebec. David’s prior experience included other executive business development and marketing positions with Packard Bioscience in the USA and Netherlands and in scientific sales with Pharmacia/LKB in the UK.