Dynaflow® Resolve from Cellectricon is designed to give the same highly controllable and programmable solution exchange capacity with minimal compound consumption as our previous Dynaflow® products. However, in the Resolve system, the 16-channel microfluidic chip component is manufactured entirely from glass. This new chip design is displaying drastically reduced compound adsorption characteristics, enabling work with highly hydrophobic compounds known to be more or less impossible to run in other perfusion systems.

The driving force behind the development of the new Resolve system was the feedback obtained from a small group of dedicated customers that were faced with unexpected shifts in IC50/EC50 values of a few highly hydrophobic substances. The only reasonable explanation to these shifts was that the compounds were adsorbing to the disposable plastic chips utilized in our previous Dynaflow® products. This is of course not a unique problem – it is well-known that perfusion systems with e.g. plastic tubing often “eat up” compounds and compromise data quality. Cellectricon strives to meet our customers’ needs was to try to conserve our strengths, i.e. maintain the design and functionality of the microfluidic Dynaflow® chips, but to look for new materials displaying weaker adsorption characteristics. .

The new Resolve glass chip is fully compatible with the original Dynaflow® Pro II system and software. For new customers it is offered as a part of the Dynaflow® Resolve System. The chip is reusable through a simple wash procedure  so with the New Dynaflow® Resolve  you can run as many experiments as you want without adding any costs of consumables!