Cellectricon, a leading provider of neurobiology in vitro research services, is delighted to announce the initiation of a new research project to develop novel in vitro models for neurodegenerative disease modelling. The research project has been selected for funding by one of Takeda’s initiatives to support open innovation; Co-Create Knowledge for Pharma Innovation with Takeda (COCKPI-T®).

Based on increasing evidence that glial cells are involved in disease processes of neurodegenerative diseases, there is an growing interest to implement glia-neuron models in drug development and research. In this research project, CNS disease relevant in vitro models will be developed based on neuron-glia co-cultures.

“We are proud that our research proposal was selected by Takeda to receive funding via COCKPI-T®”, said Sebastian Illes, Head of Exploratory Biology, Cellectricon. “Through this new research collaboration, we will be able to utilize our expertise in building groundbreaking in vitro concepts to advance the field of neuroscience research. In particular, this research project will enable us to further explore the roles of glial cells on disease processes in neurodegenerative diseases” he added.

For further information about Cellectricon’s capabilities in CNS disease research and drug discovery services, please contact us.

For further information about COCKPI-T® funding, visit: COCKPI-T®