The conference focused on discussing the latest technologies in the preclinical, translational neuroscience space and also drawing the attention of the audience towards new innovations happening in translational neuroscience imaging. The conference brought together experts from academia and industry to discuss how to create new, more effective translational neuroscience drawing on novel technology and recent discoveries.

Paul Karila, CSO & Director, chronic pain research, gave a presentation on Oct 3 at 10.10 am titled:

How can we achieve better translation from in vitro to the clinic in neuroscience?

The talk covered:

  • Bridging from rodent-based to human neuronal assays: How can we accelerate building in vitro models with better translational validity?
  • Opportunities and limitations of human models from iPS cells and native human nerve tissue.
  • Innovative co-culture assays for combined functional and morphological screening.

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