Our services

Advance your compounds to the clinic with confidence

We are seasoned specialists in chronic pain and neurodegenerative disease drug discovery with a deep understanding for Client needs. We have a proven track record of developing customer specific solutions for our Clients to ensure project progress.
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We deliver high quality information

We’re not just providing data, we provide valuable information and clear answers to complex biological questions.

We accelerate your decision-making

Thanks to our highly experienced team, proprietary discovery platform and streamlined operations, we can shorten your project lead times.

Fast access to ground-breaking assays

We develop highly innovative in vitro assays based on complex biology that provide translationally relevant information.


An approach you can trust

We provide fully collaborative support, tailored to each individual study. Our Clients value our interactive and open communication style, our high capacity, quality and delivery precision needed for projects from target discovery and screening to lead optimization.

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Our platform

Our unique discovery platform

Our team of highly experienced neurobiologists, stem cell researchers and engineers, has developed a unique and patent protected discovery platform which enables development of innovative in vitro assays of enhanced translational value.
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News and events

Latest news and insights

Cellectricon values scientific exchange and we invite you to take part of our latest news, newsletters and to learn about upcoming events.

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November 13, 2019. 5 pm CET / 11 am EST / 8 am PST
Webinar - How can we achieve better translation from in vitro to the clinic in neuroscience?
Webinar Description: In this webinar, we will discuss design and development of translational in vitro models with better validity for...
Towards “disease in a dish” microfluidic models for studying the interaction of bone and neuronal cells
In August, Cellectricon welcomed our new coworker Lydia Moll. Lydia will carry out her PhD project at the company over...
October 19-23, 2019
Neuroscience 2019
The Neuroscience 2019 meeeting takes place in Chicago on October 19-23. We invite you to reach out to set up a...
October 3-4, 2019
5th Annual Neuroscience R&D Technologies Conference
The conference will focus on discussing the latest technologies in the preclinical, translational neuroscience space and also drawing the attention...
Dr. Thomas Nieland joins Cellectricon’s advisory board
Cellectricon has appointed Dr. Thomas Nieland, Research Associate Professor at the Biomedical Engineering Department of Tufts University, to its scientific...
May 9-11, 2019
NeuPSIG 2019
The 7th International Congress on Neuropathic Pain (NeuPSIG 2019) took place in London, UK on May 9-11, 2019. It is an...
March 19, 2019. 4 pm CET / 11 am EDT / 8 am PDT
Webinar - Modelling neurodegenerative diseases in vitro using a novel microfluidic assay platform
Webinar Description: Progressive neurodegeneration within interconnected brain regions is a common hallmark of several CNS diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease,...
Cellectricon to collaborate with world-renowned pain scientists in the EU-funded Bone Pain Network
Cellectricon, a collaborative services provider dedicated to advance drug discovery and research in the areas of chronic pain and neurodegenerative...
Cellectricon announces new opportunity for the discovery of highly differentiated therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases
Launch of novel, high throughput in vitro platform will help researchers find molecules that can prevent prion-like spreading of neurodegenerative...

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