We provide tailor-made solutions for you

Working with Cellectricon, you can rest assured that your project is in safe hands. The entire services process is highly interactive, and enables you to stay well informed via frequent reports on assay performance, observations and progress, to ensure project goals are fully realized.

Our business model is to, in partnership with our Clients, explore novel in vitro concepts which we can develop into robust high precision assays that can be accessed for screening, lead optimization and target discovery.

Our research services include:

  • POC generation for evaluation of our platform and new assay concepts
  • Novel assay development, or customization of established assays and platform to meet client demands
  • Screening (target discovery, hit generation, lead optimization)
  • Collaborative technology transfer (for selected partners only)
Director, Marketing and Sales

“At Cellectricon we are committed to our partners and their research goals. Working in full collaboration, we provide enabling services to support more rapid and clinically relevant early decision-making in the drug discovery process, saving our customers valuable time and cost.”
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