Advancing CNS/pain in vitro research

Our combination of physiologically relevant biological systems, advanced technologies and readouts provide a unique opportunity to identify new targets and classes of compounds in chronic pain and neurodegenerative diseases.


Broad range of techniques for testing drug action in integrated neuronal in vitro systems, including our patented optical electrophysiology technology and neuron-specific genome editing capabilities.

Cell Biology

Excellence in generation of high quality primary neuronal cell cultures from e.g. peripheral ganglia, spinal cord and brain, as well as from human iPSC-derived neurons.

Drug discovery

Experts in target evaluation, assay development and screening in functional and morphological (HCA) assays from HTS to lead optimization.
Paul Karila
CSO & Director, chronic pain research

“In collaboration with leading academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies, we have over the last 10 years continuously refined and validated our proprietary core technologies in order to create unique testing paradigms not achievable with other platforms.”