Groundbreaking assay platform for neurodegenerative disease research

Progressive neuronal cell loss in the human brain is the pathological hallmark of several neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Insights into the early processes triggering the neurodegenerative disease cascade is fundamental to the development of highly differentiated therapeutics for these diseases.

By employing our complex in vitro disease models, target modulation and expression technologies, and proprietary readouts, we create highly innovative assays for target identification and validation, and lead discovery.

We engage with our Clients to establish research programs, where functional and morphological screening assays are applied for the identification of novel targets and unique lead compounds with the aim of achieving new treatment options for neurodegenerative diseases.

Gain access to complex in vitro systems

We have profound knowledge in the development and standardization of complex cell cultures and have created a collection of in vitro systems that subsequently can be used for the creation of a broad range of disease models. These include rodent and humanized models where cell types and composition of e.g. neurons, astrocytes and microglia can be tailored to answer the question at hand.

In vitro disease modeling strategies

We create highly relevant disease models using different strategies to recapitulate various aspects of neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation. Idiopathic models of disease can be created by e.g. addition of protofibrils to induce endogenous protein aggregation, or by the addition of inflammatory mediators to simulate chronic neuroinflammation. Genetic models can be created from transgenic animals or humanized disease lines.

Gene modulation at scale

Through the application of target modulation and expression technologies, we can interrogate gene and pathway function in a disease-relevant setting at scales ranging from single target testing all the way to high throughput genetic screening.

Highly innovative readouts

We monitor progression and modulation of protein aggregation, as well subtle morphological changes associated with neurodegeneration, with high content imaging and super-resolution methodologies. Optical electrophysiology and advanced data analysis methodologies are employed to detect alterations in synaptic function as a consequence of neurodegenerative processes in a truly phenotypic manner.
Linnea Strid Orrhult
Senior scientist & External collaborations manager

Your partner for neurodegenerative disease drug discovery

“By combining our extensive expertise in high-content imaging, optical electrophysiology, and in vitro disease modelling, we create high quality assays for target and lead discovery.”
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