The 9th Annual Neurodegenerative Drug Development Summit takes place as a digital event on February 23-25. The meeting is dedicated to industry challenges in neurodegenerative research with a focus on innovations in drug discovery for neurodegenerative diseases, clinical progress and the latest technologies.

As a leading provider of neurobiology in vitro research services, Cellectricon is proud to be a partner of the NDD Summit. We are very much looking forward to joining other industry experts in the discussion on how to overcome current challenges in neurodegenerative disease research!

Take the opportunity to meet with Sebastian Illes, Director of CNS research at Cellectricon, to learn more about our services for neurodegenerative drug discovery.

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Sebastian Illes
Director, CNS research

NDD Summit

Our CNS disease research services are specifically designed to support Clients working in neurodegeneration and neuropsychiatry. We develop innovative high capacity in vitro assays using the latest knowledge about the pathologies of these diseases. If you would like to learn more about Cellectricon’s drug discovery services for neurodegenerative disease research, you are very welcome to reach out.

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