Now it is time to register for the Cellectricon-sponsored Global Web Symposium that takes place on March 27, 11:00-12:00 EDT. The topic is “Novel Approaches for Studies of Cellular Processes in Biologically Relevant Model Systems” and speakers are Dr Robin Ketteler and Dr Catia Andreassi from the MRC-LMCB lab, University College London, UK.

In this exciting webinar, you will hear how Cellectricon’s Cellaxess platform has enabled Dr Ketteler and Dr Andreassi to develop novel approaches to study cellular processes in primary cells, such as axonal mRNA transport, through in-situ electroporation. ‘Many advances have been made over recent years to facilitate cell-based screening and these include improvements of cell culture methods, automated liquid handling and image acquisition. Classical screening approaches have used transformed cell lines. It has now become evident that these model systems do not accurately reflect human physiology, which may also explain a high attrition rate in current drug discovery programs. A paradigm shift has been proposed whereby performing biomedical experiments in primary cells or more complex three-dimensional environment will enable a better understanding of human cellular behavior and provide a higher success rate for the development of drugs.’

Registration for this event is now closed. Contact us to learn more.