Cellectricon has appointed Dr. Jonathan Levenson, Chief Scientific Officer at FireCyte Therapeutics, to its Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Levenson brings vast expertise in neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases to the advisory board.

Dr. Levenson is a seasoned drug discovery professional with a strong track record. For example, he held the position of Vice President of Translational Medicine at Tiaki Therapeutics, where he helped develop an integrated neuroinflammatory translational platform that more faithfully recapitulated disease processes occurring in patients. He is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at FireCyte Therapeutics, a biotechnology company that is developing novel treatment strategies focused on the role of microglia and neuroinflammation in progressive neurodegenerative diseases of the eye.

“We are very pleased to welcome Jonathan to our Scientific Advisory Board, where he will bring extensive disease area knowledge which nicely complements the skill sets of our other board members” said Dr. Johan Pihl, CSO at Cellectricon. “With his knowledge in microglia biology and the role of microglia for neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative processes, Dr. Levenson will bring key insights for the continued broadening of Cellectricon’s services offering” he added.

“Cellectricon has a proven competence in neurobiology and developing in vitro assays that can be used for target and lead discovery in research for peripheral neuropathies, neuroplasticity and neurodegenerative disorders” said Dr. Levenson. “I am excited that they are broadening their preclinical research services to also encompass inflammatory mechanisms, and I am glad to be able to contribute with my expertise by serving on the advisory board.”