Cellectricon has signed a license agreement with Fluicell AB, granting the exclusive right, inter alia, to sell the Dynaflow Resolve technology worldwide and to use the related IP rights.

The Dynaflow Resolve system is considered by many, to be the premier secondary ion channel screening platform on the market, offering high time resolution for any cell type, any ion channel, and in any patch clamp configuration. Launched in 2004, the Dynaflow platform is an established product with a global user base within big pharma and biotech companies. The Dynaflow platform is complementary to Fluicell´s BioPen system for single-cell-based discovery using optical readouts such as fluorescence microscopy. Both are state-of-the art microfluidic-based technologies which appeal to discerning medical, biology and pharma professionals worldwide, that wish to get the most out of their experiments.

“We will be pleased to serve the patch clamp and ion channels screening community with this unique product. The addition of the Dynaflow Resolve system will, in conjunction with the BioPen product line, give us great opportunities to further develop, expand and grow Fluicell’s leading microfluidic cell-based tools in the pharmaceutic industry market.”, said Victoire Viannay, CEO at Fluicell.

“Dynaflow Resolve is a ground-breaking technology for patch clamp-based compound characterization and secondary screening, offering significant increase in data quality and productivity in the drug discovery process. Throughout the years, we’ve seen widespread adoption of the technology from big pharma. To ensure a smooth transition experience for our valued clients, Cellectricon will in partnership with Fluicell provide customer support during a transfer period.”, said Mattias Karlsson CEO at Cellectricon.

About Fluicell

Fluicell is a Swedish biotech company that brings inspiration and innovation to life-science researchers around the globe. Fluicell provides innovative tools with outstanding performance, redefining approaches within; cell biology, biophysics and secondary drug screening and discovery. Fluicell strives for technology solutions which are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and that ultimately reduces costs, resources, and minimizes the use of animals. Fluicell’s main target sectors include universities, the pharmaceutical industry, and national health laboratories.

For further information, visit www.fluicell.com