Mölndal, Sweden, July 9, 2014

Cellectricon, a leading provider of advanced cell-based screening services, today announced that the company will withdraw from all direct product sales activities from September 1st 2014 to focus entirely on its CNS and Peripheral Pain Discovery Services business.

Announcing the new focus, David Burns, Cellectricon’s CEO, said: “The drug discovery and disease research paradigm has been changing increasingly to one of outsourcing of specialized services. We have undergone a planned transformation to respond to this change, building a comprehensive track record in adding value to CNS and Pain research programs. There is now so much interest in the value of our scientific expertise and proprietary Cellaxess® technology that our discovery services business has really taken off. It is now the ideal time to refocus the business entirely to that of provider of high-end services enabling accelerated drug discovery and rapid, more clinically relevant disease making decisions in the CNS and peripheral pain areas”.

Cellectricon’s Services are providing drug discovery teams with the ability to shorten development times and reduce costs. With leading expertise in rapid assay development and screening, Cellectricon’s dedicated and expert neurobiologist team provides fully collaborative support, tailored to each individual study. The entire services process is highly interactive, and guarantees all partners are well informed via frequent reports on assay performance, observations and progress, to ensure project goals are fully realized.

The company will continue to provide product support for their customers and distributors but will withdraw from all direct product sales efforts from September 1st 2014.