Cellectricon AB, a leading provider of neurobiology in vitro research services, today announced that the company received notice of intention to grant a patent from the European Patent Office (EPO). The granting of the company’s patent application No. 14 162 861, titled “Apparatus and method for tip alignment in multiwell plates”, adds to Cellectricon’s deep intellectual property portfolio focused on technologies for cell-based assays.

The patent was developed and authored by Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Johan Pihl, and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mathias Karlsson. The patent is focused on solutions for enabling the usage of high-density microtiter plate formats in cell-based assays. Currently, the invention is being utilized in Cellectricon’s proprietary optical electrophysiology platform. “Our Company has a successful track record of developing state-of-the-art technologies for cell-based assay research. Our goal is to continue to build on this platform and bring the next wave of evolution in in vitro neurobiology to our Clients”, said Mathias Karlsson.

Cellectricon provides neurobiology in vitro research services for Clients looking to understand disease mechanisms and conduct drug discovery campaigns to identify novel targets and lead compounds. The company’s mission is to create groundbreaking in vitro concepts that will advance the neuroscience research field and enable their Clients to conduct successful drug discovery programs.

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