Mölndal, Sweden

Cellectricon, a services provider dedicated to advancing neuroscience drug discovery, today announced the launch of a new service module for neuroplasticity research. Offering a variety of highly reproducible and validated high-throughput assays, the new portfolio will accelerate the identification of novel targets and molecules affecting cellular processes occurring in multiple diseases, such as neuropsychiatric disorders and neurodegeneration.

Neuroplasticity plays a crucial role both in early brain development, and in the brain’s ability to adapt to changes throughout life. Diseases related to neuroplasticity involve abnormalities or dysfunctions in the brain’s ability to adapt and reorganize its connections. Examples of diseases in which changes to neuroplasticity is a key mechanism include neuropsychiatric disorders, such as depression and schizophrenia, plus epilepsy and neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

To enable novel research avenues in these disease areas, Cellectricon has developed a comprehensive service module offering a range of high-quality in vitro assays to detect a variety of neurobiological events such as neuritogenesis, synaptic function and axonal transport. Each novel assay has been pre-validated in collaboration with Cellectricon’s leading clients in neuroplasticity research.

“Today, we are excited to be taking the next step to broaden our services with the launch of our Neuroplasticity Service Module” said Dr Paul Karila, Head of Drug Discovery at Cellectricon. “The module includes a broad range of advanced assays validated for high-capacity identification of novel targets and molecules affecting processes in a wide range of diseases. With our new service module, we can enable our clients to advance their understanding of the mechanisms underlying neuroplasticity, and accelerate drug discovery in this highly-important field.”

The Neuroplasticity Service Module represents a substantial addition to Cellectricon’s current portfolio, which already includes modules for Peripheral Neuropathies and Neurodegeneration. The new module will be showcased at the Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit, taking place in Boston, MA on October 11-12th 2023.

For more information about Cellectricon and the new Neuroplasticity Services Module, please visit www.cellectricon.com